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Welcome at Best Escape. Best Escape Maastricht offers the ultimate Escape Room experience. Escape Rooms are the latest craze for group outings. Experiencing an Escape Room event is perfect for groups of friends, family, company outings, bachelor parties, sport team, teambuilding and other group activities.

Best Escape took up the challenge to make the best Escape Rooms in the Netherlands. The idea is that a group of persons are locked up in a room. Each room is designed in such a way that by using puzzles, clues and hidden objects you should be able to escape within 1 hour.

Logical thinking, dexterity, good communication and cooperation are essential to leave the room in time.

The Escape Rooms of Best Escape in Maastricht distinguish themselves through their unique story telling. The rooms are beautifully decorated. The tricks and puzzles are original and are in line with the plot of the story. There is a good mix of logical puzzles and some physical challenges. All this ensures that you become part of the story. An Escape Room experience never to forget!


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Opening hours: 09.00h till 22.00h, 7 days per week

The price starts at € 95,- (incl VAT) per room.

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Room: Cell Block 9 - Presumed Innocent

Incoherent thoughts run through your head: shit, I'm stuck in a cell. But I didn’t put the weapons in my suitcase. I really didn’t. What next? I am sentenced to death. I only have one hour to live, then they come to get me. Help! I'm going to die. Shot! Horrific. No, please! I'm innocent. Help! Come on, do not panic. There has to be a solution.
You're stuck in Cell Block 9. You can hear other prisoners laugh at you from behind the walls. Fresh meat! Innocently sentenced for possession of forbidden weapons. The death penalty applies. In exactly one hour you will be shot.

The only fortunate thing is that you are locked in the Cell Block 9: The famous train robber "Morgen Frijman" escaped from this cell block 20 years ago. How he did this is still unknown. Frijman has never been seen again. The story goes that Frijman has been so bold to leave hints and clues behind for other smart prisoners so they can escape too. This is most likely just a rumour contributing to the myth of Frijman. The police have turned the jail inside out and did not find any clue. How Frijman escaped is an unsolved mystery. Yet no one takes any risks for you and therefore an extra guard is stationed in an office, so that escaping is absolutely impossible. Or did Frijman leave clues indeed?

Will you be able to walk to freedom before it's too late?

Experience it for yourself in the exciting and challenging Escape Room: Cell Block 9 - Presumed Innocent

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Room: Rachel's bedroom

HELPPPP!! We are locked up in the bedroom of my new lover Pete. He was acting weird for some time and my girlfriends warned me for him. But I was too big in love with him and he was so sweet for me. He even build a luxurious bedroom for me for sleepovers of my girlfriends. We just found out his ex- girlfriends mysteriously disappeared and now we are locked up. I do not know where he is now, somehow there is a mysterious exit in my bedroom? We feel as if someone is watching us, let us try to escape before Pete is back!


Do you think you can outrun Pete? Experience it in our newest room of Best Escape: Rachel’s Bedroom, a girl’s nightmare

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Room: Sky Shaker

Wow, that view was awesome! We were standing on the highest building of the world: the “Al Baraji”! This view I will never forget. Damn, time is up. We have to take the elevator from the oberservation back to the lobby.

But what’s that! The elevator is shaking! I hear people screaming at the floors we pass. What’s happening!

Then suddenly the elevator stops. It starts shaking heavily. What for god’s sake is happening? HELP, I want to get out! NOW!

The light ‘earthquake’ lights up, help! I am standing still at the 183st floor of the highest building in the world… I look at my friends: ‘’how do we get out?’’ Pieces of the ceiling fall on us. I hear the air raid siren going of far away, this is serious! On this floor there are meeting rooms. If we can get out of the elevator we have a chance! O no, again heavy shocks! Hurry up, maybe we have only one hour to escape before the entire building collapses.

Experience it in the newest Escape Room of Best Escape: Shy Shaker: a race to the bottom!

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Best Escape is located at the corner of St. Antoniuslaan / Parallelweg (if you come by car, take the Parallelweg, because the St. Antoniuslaan is blocked at the end for cars)

tel: +31 (0) 43 2340100


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